Relationship Soup™

Lisa Hughes

422_1077733901368_2714_nWho is Lisa Hughes?  Child of God. Entrepreneur. Broadcast Professional. Founder of Relationship Soup®.   She was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Her credentials include a Masters of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Business/Marketing and credentials in Radio and TV Broadcasting.  She loves teaching and speaking to youth, helping battered women and feeding the homeless just to name a few, one of her philosophies: “I have no right to complain about something I’m not doing anything about.”

She is also a spiritual, charismatic and powerful woman, that desires to make a positive mark in the world.   Her desire to help the masses and life experiences has led her to create Relationship Soup, which helps many people daily.

She has always had a solid support system and deems Relationship Soup® offers its members a platform to find support, help others, share experiences, build friendships, find understanding and resolutions.

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