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#‎FromThePrincipalsInbox‬ Please provide your feedback. If any of you would like for me to post a situation please send your situation to you will remain anonymous.

Principal Lisa will you please post?  My husband and I are in our 30’s. I’ve never been a jealous woman, so that is not the issue. I really would like Relationship Soup’s feedback. My husband is a pastor. There is a member of the church, a young woman who constantly posts about him on social media. She posts about what he does, how much she loves him, etc. It is getting to the point that it’s becoming excessive and well, weird..She has started to include me (his wife) in all of the postings now.    I just find it disturbing.  My question, as a wife or a pastors wife, would you care if another woman posts about your husband almost daily?  Record him in videos, upload videos and constantly posts about how she loves him and tags you in all the postings? How would you feel?

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Image courtesy of khunaspix at

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My father told me at a young age, a person is lucky if they can count on one hand how many true friends they have.  Throughout the years friends have come and gone, I am grateful for the experiences and the select few that continue to be genuine and loyal.    How many true friends do you have?  What are attributes of a true friend?   Come share your friendship experiences with us, join the conversation at

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Relationship Soup® Pays It Forward

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. ~Muhammad Ali

Relationship Soup® members are no strangers to paying it forward, many of us do it daily because we understand the importance of helping others spiritually, mentally and physically.  Recently we were able to help an Relationship Soup Group family in need, we raised about $200.00!  Past contributions have aided the homeless and children just to name a few.  I have received information about a family in need and would like to raise money to help them.  The family is one of our very own members.  We also have members with organizations that help others.   Let’s put our resources together so we can be of service to others before, during and after the holidays.  If you are interested in donating, please go to:



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Join The Conversation On FB!

Come and join the conversation on the Relationship Soup™  FB page!    Just hit the “Forum” tab above and click join!  Come and share your experiences with being single and relationships (family-ships, friendships, romantic, etc.).  We love to teach, learn and entertain in the group.   If you are not a member of  Relationship Soup™ you are missing out!  Chat with ya soon!  ♥We Talk Relationships.







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Why Do Women Forgive So Much??


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Why Do Men Hoard Pain?


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