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#FromThePrincipalsInbox Hey Relationship Soup family! I received this situation via inbox. The scenarios presented are real situations, please provide your feedback. If any of you would like for me to post a situation or question for you feel free to inbox me on FB or send your situation to You will remain anonymous.

Ok Lisa… got a little situation I want you post in Relationship Soup.

Here goes…
So me and the mother of my child have been broken up for a long time. One day she got into it with her boyfriend and asked to stay with me. So I did…. With me and my roommates. She confessed to me that she was still in love with me. So we tried again. Of course it didn’t work out.
Now my roommate’s son use to stay with us as well. It was my baby’s mother’s smoke buddy during the time of her stay. Well one day she had the audacity to sleep with him after we broke up. I find it to be straight nasty for her to do that regardless if we was broken up or not. I allowed her to step back in my circle and she violated by sleeping with my roommate’s son.
Now the question is was she wrong for it or am I wrong for being mad at her because of it?

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