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Principal Lisa will you please post?  My husband and I are in our 30’s. I’ve never been a jealous woman, so that is not the issue. I really would like Relationship Soup’s feedback. My husband is a pastor. There is a member of the church, a young woman who constantly posts about him on social media. She posts about what he does, how much she loves him, etc. It is getting to the point that it’s becoming excessive and well, weird..She has started to include me (his wife) in all of the postings now.    I just find it disturbing.  My question, as a wife or a pastors wife, would you care if another woman posts about your husband almost daily?  Record him in videos, upload videos and constantly posts about how she loves him and tags you in all the postings? How would you feel?

 Image courtesy of  khunaspix at

Image courtesy of khunaspix at

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