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Relationship Soup® Helping A Family For The Holidays

Relationship Soup® members are no strangers to paying it forward, many of us do it daily, because we understand the importance of helping others spiritually, mentally, and physically. I recently received a letter from an organization that would like us (Relationship Soup) to sponsor a family for Christmas. Here is the family’s story:

Shemica Forman a mother of 2 children, has overcome many extremely challenging obstacles in her 26 years. She has taken a stance that she will no longer sit around and be a victim. Instead, she walks an hour and a half one way to work just to prove that she is committed to paying her rent, utilities and putting food on the table for her daughters. She is very diligent about helping herself and hasn’t asked for any handouts.
This month she just about $30 short on rent. And once she pays that, her utilities, and gets groceries, she will be unable to provide Christmas for her children Adrianna (7 yrs old) and Adrienne, (6 yrs old).

I know how involved Relationship Soup Group is in the community and wanted to partner with you this Christmas holiday to be a blessing to her family by providing a Christmas for her and her daughters.

We are currently accepting monetary donations via PayPal: and cash/money orders/gift cards or actual gifts to the address listed below.

1700 Charleston Place Lane
Charlotte, NC 28212

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